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Our commercial policy is revolt at the foreign market but also at the individual customers who viewing our website desire to buy a product directely from the manufacturing company


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The Firm

IMT born from the fusion of Erreti salotti whom over 50 years  develops its activity of production of sofas and armchairs operating in Italy, in the furniture’sdistrict of Quarrata, in Tuscany.
Surely an important period for the company, been born thanks to the idea of Raffaele Torselli, Roberto's Torselli father who from 2003 has passed the management of the society to his son and his daugther , Matteo and Ilaria Torselli. 
So Matteo becomes the managing director of the firm, side by side with Ilaria, who manages the book-keeping part, and with Roberto,who leads the commercial part.

Imt from over 10 years has her production site for the contemporary, moderns and sofa bed collections well formed in Roumania to Arad; it has also kept the production of upholstery modeles and its directional and logistic site in Quarrata, where there are also the accounting and sales offices..  




The products of the collections Imt are studied and developed inside the company. They are therefore checked, verified and managed by the experience and professionalism of its staff.
Every phase of the manufacture is in the hands of experienced workers checked from the start and followed step-by-step rigorously by responsibles of the production, in the search of the maximum quality.

Every raw material used in the products Imt is submitted to several severe tests to obtain confirmation of the specifications programmed.
Frame and foams are certified following the European norms “Reach”  Leathers purchased in Italy that follow the European norms for the test to the rubbing, to the heat, to the light and the damp. All this with the purpose of offering to the customers the maximum one of the quality, important factor of the success of Imt as also the competitiveness in the prices.


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BSF Foam (.PDF)

CE Conformity declaration wood frame (.PDF)

CTC Foam conformity test  (.PDF)

CTC Fabric reach test (.PDF)

CTC Leather reach test (.PDF)


Tecnical Specifications


Team directional office Imt Italy

Sales and Production Director

Roberto e Matteo Torselli

Account Manager

Ilaria Torselli

Sales and Complains Manager

Desirée Foddai

Order confirmation,delivery and invoices

Irene Richiusa


Team directional office Imt Roumania

Management supplier

Matteo Torselli e Diana Sabau

Account  Manager

Cornelia Muresian

Sales ans logistics Bureau

Mirela Costin


Marinela Popita