KLIMT Modern 3+2 frame and armrest: luxury 603 back,seats cushions and headrest: high 20010 white feets: inox same stitching



Scheda Tecnica

KLIMT Modern

Covering: leather & fabric
Stung: expanding non-deformable polyurethane
Stitchings: simple and double
Frame: popolar wood
Visible wood: beech wood - colours: wengue,
walnut wood, cherry wood, natural, honey
Version soft:
Seats density: Kg/m³ 35120 with blow and feather
Back density: Kg/m³ 2520 hr
Headrest density: Kg/m³35120 hr
Seats suspension: elastic straps in vertical machine
traction 7 cm

Deipht seat: 46 cm
Height seat: 48 cm

Height heardrest lift : 107 cm

Head supports reclining 6 differents positions

Possibility same stitching or contrast stitching

Seats cushions removables

Inox feets

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sisteme audio Remo 1

Sistema Audio Sofaudio 39



Effect Nabuk
Skin thickness 1.2/1.4 mm


col.251 black
col.453 dark skin col.654 dark dove grey col.651 light grey col.451 col.454 dirty beige col.653 dark lilac col.351 burgundy


-composition Surface 100% Poliester
-composition Base Fabric 60 % Poliester 40 % Cotton
-Weight 740 gr

Black 12
Dark Grey Light Grey 06 white 01 Dark Skin 10 Cestnut Brown 09 Magnolia 04 Dove Grey 13 Elephant 07 Mole 08 Ice 03 Red 11


In natural grain leather flower. The feel is soft, the hand is round.
Excellent softness.

Provenance Raw Brazil first choice
Size and thickness:
60/70 pq, sp. 1.4-1.6 mm dorsal and butts
Synthetic tanning with chrome base
For finishing water
Laboratory tests
exceeded positively
Flex resistance
Colour fastness to rubbing
Resistance to cigarette and butane flame
Certified as Class 1M
Tear resistance
Resistance to the tropical climate
Colour fastness to artificial light

col.111 black
col.110 antracite col.105 light grey col.01 with col.99 dark skin col.101 mole col.71 burgundy col.40 purple col.39 lilac


Microfiber with rubber support
H cm 140
Gr/Mtl 285
Comp. 90% PL,10% CO

col. 603
col.606 col. 411 col.600 col. 605

Pelle Rigenerata Vita

Based material of leather fiber, made ​​from tanned hides disintegrated mechanically and / or chemically into fibrous particles and subsequently coupled to PVC.

This article is available in thickness 1.2 H 150, printing dollar / elephant.

col.1011 black
col.1502 antracite col.4685 chocolate col.4699 chestnut brown col.4155 mole col.9227 beige col.5015 white col.3254 burgundy couple with leather vita 2512 col.945 black couple with leather bufalo 945 black col.385 burgundy couple with leather texas col.burgundy col.380 red couple with leather texas col.380


Composition 90%PL-8%PA-2%CO
H 140 cm
Do not centrifuge

col.200 black
col.603 dark dove grey col.100 dirty with col.405 chocolate col.401 dirty beige col.300 burgundy col.002 purple col.001 lilac


Pelle con stampa Dollaro semilucido o opaco. Il colore è semilucido. La grana è gentile. Il tatto è liscio, la mano è consistente e ferma.

Provenienza Grezzo Europea prima scelta
Dimensioni e spessore:
40/50 pq, sp. 1,3-1,5 mm dorsali e gropponi
Riconcia Sintetica a base cromo
Rifinizione Ad acqua
Test di laboratorio
superati positivamente
Resistenza alle flessioni ripetute
Solidità del colore allo strofinio
Resistenza alla fiamma sigaretta e butano
Certificato classe 1M
Resistenza allo strappo
Resistenza al clima tropicale
Resistenza del colore alla luce artificiale

col.2518 black
col.2513 chocolate col.2511 chestnut brown col.2519 turtledove col.2510 mole col.2509 ice col.2517 withe col.2520 light grey col.2530 dark grey col.2540 antracite col.2512 bourgondie col.2515 magnolia